Here are some pieces I worked on long, long ago.   Most of them are completely irrelevant to the kind of work I do now.   But I still like 'em!  

A mix of figure drawing and some other character and web design material. I also like compositing familiar faces onto antique photos of all sorts, to see that work you can visit

I come from a generalist background, so I've done a fair bit of animation and short film work. Here are a few scraps that aren't in my reel.

sdzl, a quick looping animation

Rumsfeld, a stop-motion short that's absolutely ancient

Pithecan Brothers looping animation (from my internship in Japan)

Channel 8 News, a short film I made in grad school

Hircine Airlines, my master's thesis film

All of the music on this page is written, performed, and produced by me and my collaborator Paul Maurer, unless otherwise noted.